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Why Tableware Rentals?

And do I need them for my event?

Maybe you've been slowly planning a big event for years or maybe you just somehow ended up as the involuntary host for your cousins baby shower... next month. Whatever your situation, with any good party there will probably be a need for tableware; things like drinking cups, food plates, forks, napkins, the list goes on...

We often get asked, 'Why tableware?' and today we're honing in on the three elements of our rental business that are most essential in why we do what we do and why renting is right for your next event.


Renting reusable vs. purchasing plastics


While drooling over perfectly set tablescapes on your Pinterest board, your first thought probably wasn't “wow, reusable dinnerware, what a sustainable choice for my wedding!” But think about it. Simply by renting your plates, flatware, and glassware, you’re preventing that many store-bought plastic plates, forks, knives, and cups from quickly ending up a landfill.

A wedding with two hundred guests could easily be throwing several thousand units of plastic waste into the trash without even realizing it. Think about how many weddings take place just in Northwest Arkansas on a Saturday. Now zoom out to all of the U.S. Add in every birthday party, shower, and corporate event, and now we're talking about some serious waste.

As a bride or anyone planning an event, we understand that with so many responsibilities on your shoulders, planning sustainably might not be on the forefront of your thoughts, so hiring vendors who already have eco-friendly practices built into their business models should help take the weight off your shoulders!

If a tighter budget doesn't allow you to go 100% reusable, we love working through ways to incorporate items a la carte into your space not only to get the biggest bang for your buck, but to also remain as eco-conscience as possible. Don't be afraid to reach out for assistance on working within a smaller budget, we're here to help!


The most memorable events draw attention to even the smallest of details.


It goes without saying that toting around a sip of fine Merlot in a delicately curvy wine glass gives any guest an elevated event experience over having a leaning tower of stacked plastic cups on a grab and go table. We believe that beautiful surroundings truly aid in bringing people together for the best of times, it's why we started this business and it's why we never stop seeking out items of beauty to offer.

Here at HOST, we pride ourselves on meticulously curating a unique collection of items that simply cannot be found anywhere else locally. We obsess over every detail, finish, tone, and hem so that when you rent from us, you know you're using the best of the best and that all your Pinterest dreams are sure to become a reality.

Worried about your ability to discern what looks good together? We're here to help you sort the plums from the periwinkles and assist you with a perfect design direction that fits your desired style. Just give us a shout!


Vendors are here to serve, & hiring good ones will actually save you time on your big day.


My husband and I have a simple question we like to toss back and forth anytime one of us is about to take on a project. 'Do you have more time or money?,' or in other words, would you rather hire someone to do this and free up your day or would you rather save that money and take this on yourself? Now, this is a completely personal question and I would never try to tell someone how to spend their time OR money, really this question comes down to what you value.

There are only 24 hours in a day, even on your wedding day! And when I was a bride, my priorities revolved around getting my morning beauty rest, spending quality time with my bridesmaids, and sipping morning mimosas while getting pampered. I didn't want to have to worry about packing up (or forgetting) the plastic cake plates at my house or having to stop for extra cocktail napkins on the way to the venue. And I definitely didn't want to be in charge of setting two hundred place settings.

If your time is most valuable to you on your big day, we are ready to step up to the plate when it comes to saving as much of it for you as we can! We show up early, unload and setup as quickly as possible, and even pack extras so that everything is all taken care of. Not to mention we are expert napkin-tiers and will not rest until every fork and knife is perfectly aligned.


As you plan your next soiree, keep these three ideas in mind while deciding if rentals are the right move for you. Does all the potential plastic waste bother you and do you want to explore a more sustainable route? Are you the bride that has every aesthetic detail all planned out and just need the right vendor to supply the goods? And lastly, how do you want to spend your time on the big day? Maybe you're doubling up as your own day-of coordinator, or maybe you just want to walk out and see the final product.

No matter what your preferences, we are always eager to hear about what you're planning and look for ways we can jump in to help make your day the very best it can be!

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