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As designers, there is something exhilarating about brushing the curve of a handspun ceramic between our fingers, and the dreamer within us can find swirling a pour of wine around a stemmed glass to feel something magic. But while we love a matte gold finish and a perfectly crisp hem, we didn’t find our way into the wedding industry simply out of a fetish of flatware.

We bought into the business of bringing people together.

HOST comes from the belief that purpose-filled design can transform our experiences and connect us back to the people and space around us. That gathering around a table offers us far more than the promise of full bellies, but the opportunity to grow and engage together.

With the average person being exposed to around 5,000 advertisements per day, it’s not breaking news that we are spending more time scrolling through ads and apps and less time engaging with each other. While we’re honing our skills in writing Instagram captions, we are losing our way with the art of connection. An art that requires willingness, empathy, and attention.

HOST is our way of breaking the cycle.

So, what are we bringing to the table? Thoughtfully curated items that spotlight your unique story and that of those gathered ‘round, because we believe your tales are the best ones to tell.

A purpose-filled approach to event design.

We’re here to take a few things off your overly-filled plate and extend to you and yours an invitation to be hosted, to celebrate your serendipitous moments, and create the space for them to happen.

So let us take care of setting the table so that you can fill it with stories shared, contagious laughter, and yes, another chardonnay, please.

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