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HOST at Home - Spring 2022

Entertaining the everyday with founder, Kenzie Veit

In May, my weekends belong to weddings, and it's not very often in the spring months to find myself with a Saturday or Sunday off. But when Host-ing does catch a bit of a break on the business side, I love to awaken my inner entertainer right at home!

It truly feels like each year on that first eighty-degree day, a small part of my Texas-raised soul comes back to life after a long cold winter. I'm ready to clean house, make plans, see friends again, reinvent my whole life basically. My husband and I recently moved into our first house and found out we are having our first baby later this year, and with each box that continues to get unpacked, I'm so excited to celebrate this new season alongside all of our people.

This month, I've gathered up some of the products I'm using this Spring to make the very most out of entertaining again whether it's a larger group or just dessert for two. If you're like me and could never truly commit to having a single favorite color, you might discover new tones you're loving with each new season as I tend to do. Right now, my spring color palette is rounding out with light touches of lavender and plant-dyed tones like thatch and sage, and I'm a magnet to anything that has an unconventional quality or handmade feel to it.

Sunday Brunch on the Back Patio

I live for that first day in May where you can brunch outside after church, feel a light refreshing breeze on your skin, but still get a bit of a sun-tan (or sun-burn in my case). Sundays are so refreshing to me because we're often catching up with family or gathering with our closest friends and anticipating the week ahead. Major bonus points if there are fresh herbs or florals from the garden involved!

  1. Hobnail Drinking Glasses ($8) - I truly feel like hobnail is ready to have her day again! These vintage inspired glasses in two sizes are advertised as lowball/highball glasses, but make for a casual & unique take on an everyday drinking glass.

  2. Scalloped Bowl ($30) - She's quite a popular gal on the Target website these days, but if you can catch her in stock, she will be your new best friend. I love the idea of using her as an unconventional bread or fruit bowl during a Sunday brunch.

  3. Tarno Folding Chair ($20) - The absolute perfect garden chair to pull out for extra guests and fold away neatly in your garage or storage when not in use, and at such a great price point. These are definitely more comfortable than they look, but you can also purchase detachable seat cushions separately for extra added coziness.

  4. Wood Flatware, 24-piece Set ($62) - My fetish of flatware is no secret to anyone at this point, but I've been searching for the perfect wooden set for a looooong time.

  5. Plant-Dyed Napkins, 2 Pack ($13) - H&M Home consistently puts out great inventory, and these high-quality napkins are no exception in the most buttery rice-grain tone.

  6. Washed Linen Tablecloth ($50) - Another home-run for H&M Home, these linen tablecloths come in the best variety of colors on their website, but this khaki green one has my heart this Spring.

  7. Stoneware Dinner Plates ($15) - If you're looking to add to or replace your dinnerware collection with a handmade look at a reasonable cost, just pick these.

  8. Pleated Votive Holders, Set of 4 ($18) - That fluted detail and the smokey lavender tone... *chefs kiss*. Unique enough to give your table that extra something, simple enough to use over and over.

  9. Stoneware Bowl ($10) - Can you say 'Fresh Harvest Salad'?

*Dried Purple Statice Stems ($32) - If you don't have a fresh garden to pluck from, this dainty bunch of purple statice will round out your table with a soft and natural touch.

Cocktails + Charcuterie with my Best Girls

I love hosting and being hosted by my girlfriends because it's so fun to see how people naturally serve others. One might be the world's best cleaner and have every inch of her space in ship-shape, while another might be the one who always comes through with the best appetizers. I tend to lean towards aesthetics. I love incorporating small details into my home or my guest's experience that are super unique and exciting to interact with. But no matter what the occasion, just give me those warm nights with my girls, a glass of red wine, and the bachelor!

  1. Glass Pinch Bowls ($2) - These make a great addition to your pantry as a daily dish for quick snacks or dips, but I also love using pinch bowls on my charcuterie boards to contain special spreads, nuts, or fruits.

  2. Rattan Coasters, Set of 4 ($17) - Rattan is such a spring staple, and protecting my wood coffee table is a must when the girl gang gets rowdy at wine night.

  3. Tinted Red Wine Glasses, Set of 4 ($74) - Who isn't looking for colored glassware to add to their collection right now? This stunning collection from Blomus also comes in a White Wine Option if that better fits your fancy.

  4. Glass Cocktail Straws ($22) - More colored glass, need I say more?

  5. Marble Cheese Knives, Set of 4 ($40) - And this set just made it onto my birthday wishlist. I'm pretty serious about my cheeses, and a set this beautiful I would never need to replace.

  6. Marble Board ($40) - The foundation of every Pinterest-worth charcuterie board starts with a beautiful slab. This one can double as a gorgeous kitchen accent propped up against your backsplash as well.

  7. Acacia Tasting Plate ($9) - I'm always looking for any opportunity to swap out disposables for a reusable option that I can utilize over and over again. Not to mention, giving your guests a real plate really elevates the experience.

  8. Wavelength ($36) - No girls night is complete without a fun game for everyone to get in on, and this one has been our recent favorite! It's super quick and easy to learn, quick to play, and keeps everyone constantly guessing and high-fiving across the room.

Baking Fruit Pies at Home with my Honey

My in-laws have kept a blackberry patch growing steadily in their backyard for the past few years, and it's become the sweetest summertime tradition to go pick bowls full of fresh berries at their house. I love the time-investment that goes into baking pies from scratch, it truly feels like a labor of love and I swear they taste better for it!

  1. Stoneware Baking Dish ($20) - These could truly be used for so many dishes other than just baked goods, but I'm just sitting here imagining myself baking the cutest little mini-pies to share with friends and neighbors.

  2. Striped Apron ($15) - A baking necessity, and I love the print on this one.

  3. Magnolia Table ($17) - I will never not make my pie crusts from scratch, and Joanna has the bullet proof recipe that I always lean on.

  4. Heirloom Pie Server ($50) - You can obviously find a million pie servers so much cheaper than this one, but I personally love whenever I can sneak and heirloom type piece into my kitchen to use for these special occasions.

  5. Wood Rolling Pin ($9) - Nothing makes my heart sing louder than seeing crocks filled with old wooden rolling pins in dusty flea markets. I will always be sold on a classic wooden rolling pin that ages like a fine wine, but if you're not so down for the thrift, snag this little classic from Target.

  6. Silicone Mini Spatulas, Set of 2 ($8) - You can never have too many silicone spatulas on hand when things get messy, and the new Drew Barrymore collection at Walmart does not disappoint in either aesthetics or price point.

  7. Plant-dyed Tea Towel ($13) - A functional and beautiful addition to have on hand while mixing it up.

  8. Stoneware Tasting Plate ($13) - Another great piece from the H&M Home Stoneware Collection in a perfect size for a fresh slice of pie right out of the oven.

Happy Hosting!

- Kenzie Veit

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