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Finding MUSE in Spatial CUES

Sometimes I try to imagine the wedding industry without ... Pinterest.


Just the brief thought probably makes more than a few of us start to squirm in our seats. Where would we get our inspiration from? Whose perfectly sorted linen closets and kitchen drawers would we envy?

Maybe you’re asking, "How in the world would I plan my wedding?"

The likely truth is, we’re all guilty of excessive-pinteresting at some point in our past or present, and there’s simply no denying the platform as an incredible place for ideating your dream day (or life). But it is important to be reminded that the images you’re pinning flow from a steady stream of other people's ideas. Content exists because somebody else already thought of it and created it.

Now, we’re not here to convince you to ditch all those carefully curated boards, but we would like to suggest an alternative tool for cultivating original design concepts. A tool that will not only inform a holistic event experience, but that actually reflects your unique perspective and ideas.

Let’s talk about your venue.

You sought it out, you visited, you fell in love with it’s unique features, and you paid that hefty deposit all for a very important reason. Our best guess? On some level, you connected with the space in how it aligned with the vision you held for your big day. As the backdrop for your event and in most cases, the very first design decision you will make in your planning process, utilizing your venue as a primary source of inspiration is the most effective way to bring the space to its fullest potential in both beauty and functionality. Is it weathered with moments of southern charm? Modern and minimal with exposed natural textures? Every space tells its own aesthetic story through spatial cues and qualities.

So, how is your venue speaking to you?

Spatial cues are moments that exist within a space that help to inform design decisions. Imagine you just moved into a new house to discover there is only a single electrical outlet in the entire living room. Okay, so now we know where the tv is going! From there, you can probably orient your sofa accordingly which will then inform where your coffee table lives. Now, you’re beginning to realize what size area rug you’ll need to order. Which will allow just enough space for the two accent chairs you just bought! Let’s bring those in.

That one little outlet informed a decision, that in turn informed more decisions, and now your living room is not only excelling in looks and cohesion, but function also. And you’re thankfully not tripping over any extension cords.

The same rules apply when using your venue’s cues to inform a look and layout for your event. It may appear less like scouring the premises for all the wall outlets and more like taking note of that lovely brick accent wall to highlight your head table. Discover one cue, make one decision, and you might be surprised by how naturally others begin to fall into place.

In addition, spatial cues can be utilized to inform far more than just a strong functional layout, but also design details like color and texture schemes, floral style, place setting design, even attire. So you booked the minimal modern space with exposed natural textures. Are you going with a monochromatic tablescape scheme to mirror the minimalist beauty of the space? Will you bring in bold centerpieces filled with color to juxtapose the natural tones? This is where your unique style and taste gets to shine.

If you’re looking for a place to start when it comes to designing your event, we want to help you take inventory of your venue’s richest qualities. Grab a piece of paper and jot down your answers for this quick creative exercise. The goal is not only to begin recognizing helpful cues your space is giving, but to also begin identifying a design direction that reflects the character of both your venue and YOU.

1. Your venue already has a style. Let’s explore it!

Set a timer for 60 seconds and write down as many physical attributes of your venue space as you can think of. Think details!

2. How do YOU perceive the space?

If your space had a personality, would it be ‘warm, thoughtful, and inviting’, ‘electric, edgy, and dark’? Summarize your venue’s character in three words.

3. Looking for spatial cues.

What specific features sold you on this venue over other potential spaces? What attributes of the space make your heart flutter?

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